A web app for managing research projects. It is being designed to target small research groups that do not have access to a professional database administrator but want to be able to manage their data in a remote relational database. But beyond just managing database data, it is being designed as a comprehensive system for managing all aspects of a research project. It is currently unavailable but will be released as open-source once it’s in a more stable state. It will still need some level of IT support for setting up and managing a server with the required software.

Immediate Goals

These are the primary things I want the web app to accomplish:

Long-term Goals

Some long-term plans for what I want to accomplish:


The web app will be released for free under an open-source license. However, given the complexity involved in making it user-friendly, reliable, and secure, it is very time-consuming to build, so I may pursue different routes of income generation once it’s in a state where people can start using it. The most immediate option would be to set up a GitHub donations page, which could also be tied in and justified with other open-source projects I have done/want to do. The other source of income would be making the smartphone app non-free (i.e., you have to buy it to use it). However, it’s not clear there would be a large enough user-base for the app to fund the entire project, and it may take a long time before the smartphone app is ever ready. A third option may be finding some form of grant support. A fourth option could be finding a job that allows me to work on this project, possibly as part of managing data for a lab/organization.


My first proof-of-concept video showed user login, project creation, data table creation, and data entry. Still lots of work to be done on these.

Proof-of-concept 1


I can’t promise this will ever be released. I think it is a very important project that could have a significant impact, but it’s also a very high-stakes project. There are important security issues with managing a remote database through a web app, and I need to be certain that user projects and data are secure in terms of the web app. It’s also critical that the web app is reliable and cannot accidentally corrupt user data.